Improving Brain Health And Memory

LPS Plus is a brain enhancement supplement which claims to support your memory. The producer of LPS Plus states that this supplement is able to be helpful in decreasing stress, improving brain health and memory as well as the sense of wellness.

How does LPS Plus differ from similar products available on the market?

There are some features of this product which make if different from others according to the producer: First of all it claims to be 100% safe and manufactured from all natural ingredients. It has been proven to be useful for your mood and memory improvement.

It promises to be able to enhance your memory within 3-6 weeks. This review is going to demonstrate you our own research which will help you in making the right choice whether LPS Plus is worth buying or not.

Here we are going to talk about the principle of work of the supplement. The main issue is that there have been some studies conducted which showed positive results but the phosphatidylserine used bovine cortex as the source then. As it was forbidden to use it in order not to risk having mad cow disease it was substituted with vegetable soy. How do we know that the results with soy-derived supplement would be also positive?

It can't be proved because there wasn't research with soy supplement conducted. If to be exact, then the cow brain extract is not pure phosphatidylserine. It also includes other brain components. For example, there are: sphingolipids, sphingomyelins, and some other brain constituents. According to the research they could be effective for improvements in human's brain activity. The problem we have doubts in the same results is because fats from soy chemically differ from the fats in cow brain. It is not correct to compare the research with cow brain and claim that soy derived phosphatidylserine can also be as effective as animal brain phosphatidylserine.

LPS Plus has only one key ingredient which is Phosphatidylserine (PS). There are some other additional ingredients that are considered to be inactive in this supplement: Gelatin, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Titanium Dioxide Color.

So let's look at the work of this composition.

LPS Plus brain enhancement supplement can't help you in preventing or diagnosing as well as treating any disease. LPS Plus has been designed to boost your brain activity. The product's formula has been designed with the only one active ingredient that is well-known as Phosphatidylserine. Phosphatidylserine claims to be enough powerful to support your memory and cognitive functions. According to the producer LPS Plus uses Soy Lecithin (vegetable source) with the aim to make PS a clean and fast absorbing supplement. LPS Plus

is going to provide its users with the 100% guarantee satisfaction. According to the producer they have conducted some studies that have been published in some medical journals. But it is unknown where exactly and what kind of studies.

There is really limited information available regarding this product. It is known that Phosphatidylserine can cause some negative side effects among which are insomnia and stomach upset. It is also not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

According to the list of ingredients of LPS Plus there are some negative side effects like problems with sleeping and stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea.

Some users have reported having headaches and allergic reaction. However, it can't be said that there are any dangerous or horrible side effects which is a good side of this product.

But is it really effective? Let's listen to the users of LPS Plus.

"I have wanted to boost my memory because I couldn't concentrate at work. After taking LPS Plus I felt that I had some change which unfortunately lasted for a very short time. Maybe it wasn't its effect even. I was disappointed with the results that I got from such a powerful product if to believe its producer"

"LPS Plus can't be called a revolutionary product as it has only one active ingredient which is common for such supplements. I have used it for a long period of time that led me to stomachache and then I consulted my healthcare specialist and found out that this was a negative side effect of the product I was taking. That was the reason I stopped using it without getting any benefits"

"Don't buy this brain enhancement supplement! I have purchased it and didn't like the effect of LPS Plus at all. It didn't make any difference. Moreover, I had an allergic reaction and sometimes had insomnia which is listed as a possible side effect of an active ingredient in some reports. It doesn't do what it promises"

LPS Plus can be bought directly from the producer's official website or from The price of the supplement for one month will be around $62.90. In comparison with other similar products it is rather expensive. The only advantage is that it has a money-back guarantee which is valid during first three months. If you are not satisfied with the results, then you are going to have your money back.

I can't recommend this brain enhancement as a really worthy product as it hasn't proven by any famous medical association like FDA, for example. There are a lot of people who weren't satisfied with the effects they got after a long period of intake.

So why should you waste money? By the way, it is rather expensive as there are a lot of supplements claiming to have the same effects and even containing the same active ingredient that are cheaper than this one. There is a money- back guarantee according to the producer and this is a good point but why to spend time on returning money if you can think thoroughly before buying LPS Plus. The manufacturer claims that there have been some studies but there is no evidence provided. That is why it can't be trusted as a really so powerful product.